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The beginnings of us as a team date back to 1992, starting with amateur photography of the nature, people, our families, and important private events. Through time, our skills have been developed up to the professional level. The first breakthrough of our professional services came in 2011. The foundations of our professional photography were set-up by Sebastijan Jug, whose path started in amateur photography and progressed to photojournalism, documentary photography, photographic reporting, and portrait photography. Parallel to professional photography, he has never forgotten his love for photographing nature and art photography. Along with that, he trained amateur beginner photographers under the name Beginnings and Mysteries of Digital Photography.

Today, CPD (Corporate Photography) is a brand that does its best to combine the traditional art of photography with the modern guidelines of contemporary photography.

We strongly focus in the following fields:
– Forums, conventions, congresses, conferences, and other large-scale events
– Concerts and entertainment events
– Professional business portrait photography
– Business meetings, fairs, and social events
– Commercial photography
– Art photography
– Other fields by request of the client

At work, we use professional Nikon equipment.
Our main principle is that regardless of the field of photography,
we provide our clients with a professional service and excellent photos.

We offer our services mainly throughout Europe. However, through our partners and larger clients, we also cover Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

Contact us
If you are in need of a photographer and excellent photos, call +386 (0)40 202 720 (Sebastijan), our office +386 (0)30 240 336 or write to



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